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 Digital Warfare - Interview With Team Manager Wolfy

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Can you tell me about your roster and who plays what role?

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Our roster consists of myself, Ascend, Cabbage, Thompson, Eddie And Zwockl.

Ascend is our healer. My role is to protect Ascend and take/make most of the pushes. Thompson is our damage dealer which leaves Cabbage with the role of cleaner -he  basically cleans up and helps us if we need to get out from a fight quickly. Eddie is in charge of shooting the other entrance so we cannot get flanked and finally Zwockl cleans up Eddie’s damage.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” How Long Has The Team Been Together?

Myself and Ascend are the main players of the team and have been playing since about September of last year. The roster we have now has been playing for about a month.

In addition to this I have previously participated in tournaments and achieved third place in the group stage of the TF2 tournament at “Insomnia 61”. I also have made a “Highlander” playoffs in which myself and my team reached the semi-finals.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Do you have any fun stories about TF2?

I have experienced a lot of funny moments in TF2, so there are way too many to name them all, but a specific one I remember was where we had paused the game because a player left; Cabbage was telling us that he was about two feet from the ground and needs to jump as soon as we unpaused the game (scouts can double jump in TF2), when we unpaused Cabbage died immediately and yelled. It really was a funny moment.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Why do you play TF2?

So I used to play football at a semi-professional level until I was injured. I started to play TF2 because I was bored a lot and didn't have much to do with my time. I met a lot of people online and made a lot of friends; these friends encourage me and introduced me into competitive and I just want to win, “I wanna be the very best like no one ever was, to play all the games was my real test and to win them is my cause”, and I have always had that mentality.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” What are your goals as a TF2 player?

So my goal as a player is to get into the ETF2L premiership. Personally I want to do better than I previously did at Insomnia and go for the win next time. Most of all i just want to have fun with my friends whilst playing and improving.
6. As a team, which tournaments are you participating in?

We are going to be participating in the European Team Fortress Two League (ETF2L) Season 29 which I believe is starting the 29th of January. The ETF2L is a seasonal tournament series that is about 7 weeks of Team Fortress, this doesn’t include the playoffs which adds approximately 3-4 more weeks of playoffs.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” What is your goal for the ETF2L tournament you just mentioned, as well as future tournaments?

Our goal as a team is to get some experience from this league and try to get into the playoffs which will be hard but I have confidence in the team that we can definitely get there, if not this season but the next season. For further tournaments we would like to attend LANs such as Insomnia and compete there if all players can attend.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” For those who know nothing about what TF2 is, in less that 20 words can you explain what it is?

Yeah so Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a team-based, multiplayer, first person shooter.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Is the community for TF2 a big one? I personally think TF2 as a small community with not much going on.

I wouldn't say that the TF2 community is a large one, but it also not small. I would say the TF community is a very tight knit community. One thing I love about the community is all the amazing artwork that is out there.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Why Digital Warfare?

So it all started with my distaste for Belgian chocolate. I basically had these Belgian biscuits or cookies, I can't remember, and we were actually at Insomnia 61 at the time. I came over to Spaceh (Nathan Connolly, Owner of Digital Warfare) and offered him some. We got to talking and he was really interested in myself and the guys that were there with me. We spoke some more, and yeah, Digital Warfare it was in the end.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer”What is it you like most about Digital Warfare?

I had hear how good friends everyone was over at Digital Warfare and I was really drawn in and loved the friendliness of competing in Esports whilst still wanting to win and be the best. I have always loved that way of handling Esports, I believe that friendship is number one in video games, but also competing and improving is also really important.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Is there anything you play / do besides Team Fortress such as stream?

In my spare time I play a lot of other games. Just to mention a few: I am really enjoying Payday 2, Skyrim, CS:GO, League of Legends and Hearthstone. The thing I enjoy most about these games is that I can stream most of them and streaming is something I enjoy doing whilst playing games.

Wolfy - Team Manager -

Cameron “TheButteryGamer” Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself, the team, Team Fortress Two or future tournaments?

So I think I speak for the whole team in saying we want to thank everyone at Digital Warfare for believing in us. We didn't have a lot to offer, but you guys always have our backs and we love you for that.
If you want to catch Wolfy’s stream you can find more information over on his channel :

Wolfy - Team Manager -

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