Sacaris Recruitment Announcement

Sacari's Recruitment Announcement

Scouting for Talent

At Digital Warfare, our vision is to become the world’s most renowned and dynamic eSports brand, introducing people into the scene.


Together, we are focused on becoming streamlined, innovative and more determined than ever before – and to this, we need like-minded people to join our growing team.


Our objective is to create a successful educating culture that takes passionate players, managers and coaches and give rise to outstanding experts. These people need to have the right technical skills and share our values. Our recruitment team play a key role in shaping the candidate’s first impression of the brand. It is important that as well as finding the right people for Digital Warfare, we give candidates a great experience.


Referring someone for a Role

We are always looking for talented, enthusiastic and driven people to join the Digital Warfare team, but finding them can be challenging. Our referral scheme, formed with this recruiting announcement, is all about asking people to help grow our brand by being on the lookout for talent.


We believe that great employees are the foundation of a successful brand, and we trust that you will refer people with similar work ethics to those who would enjoy the D-War culture. We know the people found through referrals tend to stay longer and get immersed quickly because they already have a head start.

Alexander Lewis | September 06, 2017

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