League of Legends Roster Update

Digtial Warfare Welcomes Spicy and Predator

We at D-War are excited to welcome Christopher 'Spicy' Morton and Kieran 'Predator' Morton to the D-War League of Legends family. Spicy will be joining the community roster run by Alexander 'Vayne in my Ashe' Lewis, whilst Predator will be undertaking the management of the EUW LAN team. This brotherly duo want to turn heads in the eSports scene and whilst they've had a good run with Erox Gaming, both are now ready for a new challenge!

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"I recently got the opportunity to join Digital Warfare as their LAN Team Manager due to my previous experience with my own team, which I previously built from ground up to compete in local events. I want to thank all of the organisations that I have worked with up until this point as they have helped me to progress within the eSports scene. I am very thankful to all of my previous team mates for staying humble and appreciating the move I will be making."

Kieran 'Predator' Morton League of Legends EUW LAN, Team Manager

"With the addition of Spicy and Predator to the League of Legends rosters, I am confident in the teams and their ability to mold to different metas, create new metas, and work concisely and confidently under high stress."

Nathan 'Spaceh' Connolly Founder and CEO

"I can’t put into words how excited I am to be moving to Digital Warfare as I move onward and upwards through eSports. I am excited to be able to implement my knowledge throughout years of management and being able to spearhead the EUW LAN team into success. I will make my mark with my new team!"

Kieran 'Predator' Morton League of Legends EUW LAN, Team Manager

As the League of Legends scene continues to evolve, keep up to date with Spicy and Predator's social media sites to see when and where they will next appear.

Alexander Lewis | September 02, 2017


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