Team Hawks Join Digital Warfare

Team Hawks - Join Digital Warfare

Cameron - First of Natalija welcome to Digital Warfare, could you tell me a little about the Hawks team?


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"Thank you very much. Team Hawkz is new female team that competes at League of Legends. Our team is mainly playing at EUNE at the moment, but we are starting to play more and more on EUW as well.

Our team members are Fang as ADC, Pandôra as support, Lunar Winter as mid laner, Ruth as jungler and last but not least CPH FR9ZEN as top laner. The majority of us are actually diamond players.

Ruth ‘Natalija ' - Team Manager - Hawks

Cameron - What is the history Hawks team, what is your previous tournament history and performance.

"We haven’t completed in a lot of tournaments as Hawks yet, as the team is fairly new. Individually we have participated in cups and tournaments previously to the creation of this team.  Most of us played together before, or known each other from past tournaments.”

Ruth ‘Natalija ' - Team Manager - Hawks

Cameron - What are your future goals as a team? And do you have any personal goals?

we aim to compete in LAN tournaments as the team gets progressively better in terms of teamwork and synergy. We do not limit ourselves to playing in tournaments that are restricted to females.

As for personal goals, it differs for each player, but overall it ends out in the same; to improve in other way or another, whether that’s expansion of champion pool or getting better at micro and macro play.”

Ruth ‘Natalija ' - Team Manager - Hawks

Cameron - Why did you choose Digital Warfare over other organisations?

a friend of ours stumbled on to your reddit recruitment and from there we decided to contact you.

Ruth ‘Natalija ' - Team Manager - Hawks

Cameron - Is there anything yourself or the other players on Digital Warfare Hawkz would like to add?

Yes, all of us would like to thank you again for accepting us to represent you and be part of Digital Warfare. We’re looking forward to our future collaboration.

Ruth ‘Natalija ' - Team Manager - Hawks

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