Come Chat

Come Chat

Digital Warfare is happy to announce the launch of it's Official Discord Server for the community and eSports teams.

We have a few goals that we are striving for as a server: first, we aim to create a strong community based on the principles of respect and supportiveness. While the League community can often leave something to be desired, we will foster a positive environment to foster growth and new friendships.


Second, we hope to help each other improve by giving each other friendly feedback and tips as we play together. Coaches will be available to give insight from Platinum and Diamond level play. In addition to individual skills, there will also be opportunities to improve overall ability to work as a team by participating in both in-house teams and flex teams.


This brings us to our third point, which is to be able to host our own in-house competitions and tournaments for everyone can have the joy playing competitive league, even if it’s not at a professional level. We will also be trying to move into a position to be able to stream the aforementioned games.


If you're interested in joining our community come see us and say Hi!:


Discord is a free and easy to use chat service that allows you to quickly find scrims, players and teams, and discuss the games Digital Warfare participates in with other gamers. The service is available on your browser, and as an app on either your computer or mobile device, and is open for use in all regions and in any language. Join up today and jump in the conversation! 

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