About Us

About Us

Founded by Nathan 'Spaceh' Connolly and his brother, Andrew 'Rawrism1' Connolly, in the 90's - in the early days of the video game industry - Digital Warfare (D-War) has since competed in the new world sport that has now become a fast-growing phenomenon. At its core are D-War's talented, loyal and passionate gamers, who inspire a growing community of members and friends. Our dedicated players represent D-War in all corners of Europe, attending E-sports events throughout the year. Games we enjoy include League of Legends, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Heroes of The Storm, Rocket League and World of Warcraft. With over a decade of success, the D-War team continues to take its place as the ever-constant professionals in terms of their mature attitude and approach to the gaming community and the industry.More than just a team, D-War's mission is to bring an E-sports experience to those that both dream big and enjoy gaming. From designing apparel, to launching community experiences, we at D-War are dedicated to building a recognised experience in the industry - whilst continuing to build a community of followers from far and wide.Our slogan represents our core values and outlines what we are passionate about:Loyalty, E-sports, Friendship: Community.Welcome to Digital Warfare.

How we built an eSports Empire

D-War is an upcoming organisation in eSports, with professional teams in the most popular games such as: League of Legends, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and many more. Our players attend many international events each year, representing our brand in every corner of Europe. The many fans over social media follow us for the latest news on our players and live updates from events. Our Youtube channel is a favourite among eSports fans. We provide interviews, in-game highlights and more to the subscribers.

Mission Statement

At D-War we have dedicated gaming squads what will endeavour to be the very best in their particular discipline. Our main focus is on the most popular of competitve games. Furthermore, D-War hosts community events and training where talented young players get the chance to turn professional in the future. Through these teams we have become a brand name, who is recognised across Europe. The teams already have their own fan base, which supports them at events and follow all of their activity closely.

Our Brand

As Digital Warfare people, you are our most important brand ambassadors. The stronger the brand, the more we can attract the best people and create the best possible opportunities. There are many ways you can build our brand into your daily activities, and the brand guidance is your place to find out how. Here you can learn about our brand guidelines and access design templates, apparel and gear. You can also learn more about our values, differentiators and the many ways you can help to promote the company each and every day.

Our Brand Story

Digital Warfare is focused on becoming a place of loyalty and friendship – and to do this, we established our business in 1999. Provide transformational support and training for the people that keep Digital Warfare standing. Provide unbeatable gaming experiences. Nurture a culture that rewards great ideas. Our years spent working alongside other organisations to address complex management and competitive gaming challenges mean we understand what constitutes a great eSports team. Quite simply, we don’t believe in a “means to an end”. We believe in the open communication and collaboration that underpins strong relationships and creates enriching journeys. Firstly, we are focused on developing our brand and experience. Secondly, we work hard to provide unbeatable support for our community, players and staff. Andy finally, we nurture a culture that rewards pro-activity and great ideas. We know that a dedicated, friendship-based structure leads to greater results when our teams walk onstage, when our community hosts events and when our gamers play hard.

Our Culture

We’re proud that Digital Warfare is one of the most fun and driven brands to work and play for in the eSports scene. We achieve this by making sure we bring in people who share our values and support our goals to become one of the most dedicated and dynamic teams, a place of loyalty and friendship. Although we have a common strategy and vision, we care deeply about attracting people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, skills and experiences to become an increasingly diverse and vibrant organisation. We have a comprehensive and supportive management team and programme to recognise and reward talent and development, and encourage our people to have a healthy work-life-game balance. We celebrate our people for their wide and ranging achievements, passions, talents and quirks. We thrive on debate, create welcoming environments that foster collaboration, encourage our people to think differently and share their opinions. After all, if we want to be an organisation that has bold ideas and encourages discussion, we need to have differing views in the lobby.

Our Vision

Our vision is Digital Warfare’s reason for being. It gives us a sense of purpose, and it is why we come to work and play every day. It sets out our long-term goal for the organisation and serves as the driving force for our brand. The world’s most dedicated and dynamic eSports organisation, developing not only an exceptional environment, but also a recognised brand and robust experience designed on mutual trust, collaboration, and open communication. We know that, with our history in eSports and gaming, our people connect to form friendships and reach for the victory screen more than anyone else. To us, it’s not an empty box; it’s a living, breathing environment that will help each other prosper.

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