Digital Warfare takes pride in its community – our friendly members are always there to play games or help each other out.  We encourage all our members to play together and have great fun while doing so. All D-War members are a part of the casual atmosphere that we provide on our Discord server. We play a variety of games, but we also discuss movies, TV shows and a bunch of other random shenanigans.

Community-wise, our focus lies in creating an environment that feels like home. We are striving to build a community that takes pleasure in communicating and playing with like-minded gamers.

That being said, our Discord server is an ideal place to unwind with online buddies after a hard day of work/school/etc, and take your mind off your everyday worries. We also take part in and visit offline gaming events, such as Insomnia Gaming Festival, Copenhagen Games, Dreamhack or Reboot Infogamer, where we get to experience the true family atmosphere of Digital Warfare.

Digital Warfare’s Featured Streamers:

To see all our streamers, including our players’ streams, please check out the Streams page.