Brand Guidelines

All uses of logos/Digital Warfare’s mascot grenade as shown above are acceptable.

Please do use the colours used in Digital Warfare’s logos as shown above (where and when possible).
Please don’t stretch/deform the logo or use colours different to the ones shown above.
Where the full logo can’t be used, please use our mascot.


Download Digital Warfare’s logos:
Main Digital Warfare logo | Main Digital Warfare logo (dark backgrounds)
Black and white Digital Warfare logo

Download Digital Warfare’s mascot:
Digital Warfare mascot | Digital Warfare mascot (white cap)


The following logo/mascot versions are also acceptable, but only when absolutely necessary and where the versions from above can’t be used for some reason:
Digital Warfare logo (black D, red mascot)
Digital Warfare logo (red D, black mascot) | Digital Warfare logo (red D, white mascot)
Digital Warfare mascot (any other colour)